discover local wildlife amongst stunning scenery


Sea eagles were reintroduced back into Scotland in 1975 and have since flourished in the Western Isles and particularly the Isle of Skye. We are fortunate to have several successful breeding pairs situated on the loch and the surrounding area with sightings almost a certainty.

Our cruise passes an annual nesting site where you may even catch a glimpse of a chick if you’re lucky.

Skye Cruises regard the local wildlife as one of our most important resources and therefore ensure a respectable distance is kept from the sea eagles at all times. This is the top priority when visiting any of our wildlife hot spots as we would like them to endure for future generations to enjoy.

Feeding sea eagles is common with many boat trips in the Highlands but our policy not to do so is to ensure fledglings receive the necessary training required to hunt for themselves. This is of particular concern in winter months when boat trips are far less frequent. We are proud of this policy and hope it is understood and appreciated.


During the spring and summer months, the Ascrib Islands sustain a healthy population of puffins which we love to visit on every cruise the weather allows. This is a unique opportunity to see them returning to their burrows with the days catch, providing some excellent photo opportunities.

Visiting the Ascrib islands is often seen as the highlight of the cruise with a variety birds on show including guillemot, razorbill and cormorant to name a few.


Our cruises always pay a visit to the large colony of common and grey seals situated on one of the many islands scattering the sea loch. The seals are accustomed to the boat and certainly don’t mind a photo or two.

The Radiant Queen has proven to be extremely popular with wildlife photographers and enthusiasts due to the unlimited access around the wheelhouse and galley, allowing 360 degree views; perfect for spotting dolphins, porpoise and maybe even the odd whale along the way.